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Infinity Care Managers assist with aging, disability, or chronic illness care, challenges, or needs. With extensive local experience, we help Bakersfield family caregivers succeed in managing and providing quality care. Coordinating care with all service providers such as medical, legal, mental health, home safety, and other providers to create effective solutions means successful care and less stress for families and the loved ones they are caring for.

You are not alone!

When you need a personal advocate to help with care challenges you are facing, Infinity Care Solutions is the premiere Bakersfield team helping families find the resources and getting the care they need to live a high quality life. Whether it’s aging concerns, disabilities, medical issues, mental health struggles, or brain injury, our team is a Bakersfield hometown group experienced in helping you and your family determine the path to solve your care challenges.

Let’s Meet Face-to-Face!

You have so much on your mind! The care challenges you are facing are overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. That is where we come in. In a face-to-face meeting we can listen to your concerns about care and can provide immediate answers about the first steps to take to coordinate the care you need. You have an instant partner who will support and advocate on your behalf. When we meet face-to-face, the right questions and answers just flow so that your options are narrowed down and your stress and worry can be alleviated. The Infinity family will take care of your family with high standards as a trusted steward. We’re inspired by the words of our founder, Cassandra Ortiz, when she says, “I help people!” Let us help you today.

Immediate Help

The first face-to-face meeting will make the needed steps clear and you will feel comfort knowing that you have a professional advocate ready to get it done.

A Clear Plan

Each step fits together in an organized plan to help solve challenges and provide care that reduces stress and brings quality of life.

It's Your Care

The goal is always what you need! Your care and your wishes are in the forefront of every decision. 

Working With Our Clients

Care Management

Care Management services include meeting with the client and family members to provide an assessment that leads to the care plan. In our meetings, we observe how they are living in their home, their ability to care for themselves, their cognition and mental health, along with the home environment safety and assistance they have available.

From this meeting, a full care plan is prepared. Recommendations come from our experience helping many clients and are based on the unique needs of the client. Nothing is off the table when it comes to coordinating the right care for their needs. We are problem solvers focused on providing the best care possible.

Here are just a few things that we can help with:

  • Medication Reconciliation & Management
  • Attending Physician Appointments
  • Coordinating Medical Care
  • Home Safety Evaluations
  • Managing Activities of Daily Living
  • Assessing Independent Living vs. Assisted Living Needs
  • Maintaining Social Connections
  • Helping with Transportation Needs

Your Needs Met 

Every situation is unique. Only by understanding your story can we help figure out the best options. Your options may be different than others in similar situations. That means that we are 100% advocates focused on the results for our clients. We never accept any kickbacks, referral fees, or other payments for sharing local service resources that will help solve challenges specific to you. So, if you need a service and we tell you about it, it is because it will be useful to you, not because it benefits us. When you need someone who is fully on your side in all aspects of care, you need Infinity Care Solutions on your side!

What Our Clients Are Saying


Our endless thanks to you, Lois, & Sara for your help our time of stress!

Laramie & Jeff

Lois and Cassandra,

I want to thank you personally, Lois, for all your efforts with Mrs. L~. I also want to thank you, Cassandra, for your company’s excellent care and efforts to help make J~’s entire stay at Brookdale comfortable. I would have been lost without Infinity. Again, thank you.



Thanks a million for your help! We really appreciate everything you’ve done for our family through the years. Your knowledge & help has been invaluable.

Thank you so much, Steve & Kim

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