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Trust Officers

Trust Officers and Financial PlanningAs you are working with your clients to manage and plan their financial future, you may learn that they are facing care challenges or need assistance planning for future care. Our team is able to work with you and the client to plan care and even estimate costs that may be involved. This is invaluable information in helping them plan their financial future. Our experience looks at the entire care situation and organizes a plan to efficiently meet their needs. If you would like to work together to help a client with their future care plan, please reach out and we would be happy to assist.


Infinity care managers often work with community attorneys as they serve client needs together. The attorney handles the legal aspects related to care and Infinity handles the care planning. These attorneys can specialize in elder law, estate planning, accidents and injuries, or some even operate as guardians. The partnership between attorneys and care managers means that the client is expertly covered by services. Whether you are an individual attorney or a law practice, our services are scalable and are based on the client’s needs. Let’s work together to make sure that every need is met for your client.

Spiritual Leadership (Rabbis, Pastors, Clergy)

When a family is struggling, the first place they often turn is to their place of worship. By turning to the place that brings them comfort, they spiritual guidance pastor rabbi clergyare hoping to find answers about how to provide the right type of care. A couple of months ago, our founder, Cassandra, was in a local church when a community member stopped by to ask the pastor for help. As she explained her story in front of Cassandra, it became evident that this was exactly the type of challenge that Infinity regularly helps manage. After a conversation, a plan was made that would help with the immediate concerns for care of her aging mother. As a lifelong community member, Cassandra knew exactly what needed to be done and which services would benefit the family. If a family in your spiritual care is in need of a team that can help them get the care they need, we would be happy to meet with them to discuss options.

Case Managers and Social Service Providers

Social ServicesIf you are working with families in social services or at a local hospital or medical practice, you may be looking for a connection to help a family who needs assistance beyond what you or your organization provides. We would be happy to work with you to help your clients or patients to make sure that they are not forgotten or missing out on services that are available in our community. We partner with local case managers and other social service providers to make sure that older community members receive the best care possible. If you know of someone who needs extra care, please reach out to us and we would be happy to talk with you.

Let’s Work Together

Bakersfield is a tight knit community who honors and respects the aging members of our area. We all want the best for them and want to work together to make sure that the best quality care is provided to them as they age. Families do not always know where to turn. Let’s show them how we will work together to make sure they have what they need as far as care is concerned. Reach out anytime to discuss a client, patient, or worship member’s needs for care!

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