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Cassandra Ortiz, BA, CMC

Owner & Professional Care Manager

Cassandra Ortiz is a certified care manager who provides elder care consulting for families with aging loved ones. For over 20 years she has been working within the Bakersfield community and Kern County to provide care management services. 14 of these years were spent working with Around the Clock and Coordinating Care Management, also known as Bakersfield Care. Cassandra is excited to be able to work with those facing aging care challenges. If your family is unsure of the options available for care, Cassandra and her team are ready and waiting to help you.

The Infinity Care Solutions team has extensive experience providing outstanding value for a client’s financial investments in care. This care for seniors and disabled adult creates peace of mind for families. A comprehensive review of the unique care needs of your aging or disabled loved one means that the presented care options are created to reduce family stress, worry, and insecurity about the future care required.

The Team

Sandy Caracas
Care Manager

Sandy Caracas has worked as a care manager for over 6 years. She specializes in helping individuals and families by linking them to available resources such as Medi-cal, Medicare, social security, and Veteran benefits.

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Debra Edwards, CMC
Care Manager

Debra has almost 15 years of case management experience serving children and seniors and is certified in the field of case management. She is a native of Los Angeles, CA and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Cal State University of Bakersfield.

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Lois Anderson, RN
Care Manager

Lois has been a registered nurse for the past 25 years. She has a wealth of experience assisting seniors and providing medication management to meet their individual needs. Lois establishes a personal relationship with each client and coordinates medical services for optimal care.

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Gloria Cantu
Care Manager

Gloria Cantu is a Bilingual Care Manager offering specialized services to individuals and their families throughout California’s Central Valley. Gloria provides highly individualized services responding to client’s needs during and beyond the regular workday. The continuum of care provided by Gloria begins with a comprehensive approach including an initial assessment, detailed care planning, cooperative service coordination, and monitoring. With over a decade of experience working with industrially injured workers as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, she understands the importance of providing individualized care to clients from all walks of life challenged with disabilities and limitations.

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