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Easy Ways to Help Seniors with Technology

Over the last couple of years, the best way to stay connected with friends and family has been using technology that seniors typically have a difficult time learning how to use. There are certain apps and websites that are easier to use than others, though, and while it may take a little extra time, seniors like Anne who were eager to learn have been reaping the benefits of, "getting with the times."

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Break Up Your Day with a Burst of Joy!

Finding moments of happiness are good for the mind and body. Happy, positive people are more likely to be healthier and live longer than people who are chronically unhappy. Brain scans show that different areas of the brain 'light up' when we feel different emotions and when we're happy, we tend to be more alert, creative, and interested in others. Here are some tips to help you and your family members break up a tough day with joy.

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What Sparks Your Creativity?

Creativity can be any form of self-expression or imagination, and it has some surprising psychological benefits similar to meditation. Two of our clients, Jake and Jeanine, tuned into their creativity last year and used it to help them build confidence in themselves and grow their communities.

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Vitamins for Vitality

Vitamins and supplements are wonderful tools for seniors to use for preventative health when access to a well-balanced diet is limited. Though given the huge selections available, it may be difficult to determine which ones are right for you. Here's how we helped Doris find a few supplements that worked for her and a few tips you can use to find what works for you.

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The World Welcomes Spring!

What are your plans for spring? For some it involves spring cleaning and fresh air, for others it means starting a garden or a new hobby. Learn how spring is celebrated all over the world as a time for new beginnings to get inspired.

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Fun Recipes for the Whole Family

Cooking can be a great family bonding activity that spans the generations and finding free, online family-friendly recipes is a breeze. When John needed a fun activity he could do with his family for the weekend, we helped him prepare with fun recipes everyone loved. They even catered to his heart-healthy diet!

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