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Healthy Nutrition and Hydration Do Not Have to be Boring

There is a common misconception about getting healthy. We tend to think that following a diet or changing our exercise habits means limiting ourselves. However, this isn't the case; adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean being tied down to just one type of meal or exercise, and working with a care manager is a great way for seniors to discover their options and what works best for them.

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Heart Healthy Tips for Seniors

Every 36 seconds, someone dies from cardiovascular disease, or roughly 1 in every 4 deaths. Aging increases your risk of heart disease, but thankfully there are steps seniors can take to help improve their heart health today.

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Not Guilty

It can be difficult to tell if your aging parents need help, depending on how often you see them. And figuring out their needs, understanding options, and making decisions can feel overwhelming for their loved ones. Age-related decline can happen quickly, and in many cases aging parents try and downplay new or worsening problems.

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Looking for Signs Your Parents Need Help While Home for the Holidays

The holidays provide a much-needed opportunity to socialize and spend quality time together, and for adult children who haven't seen their aging parents in a while, it can also be a chance to assess how well their parents are managing daily life. Time spent together over the holidays is an opportune time to notice declines in their health, mobility and cognitive ability.

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Caring for an Adult Child with Disabilities

There are a growing number of aging parents who are caring for their adult children with lifelong disabilities. As both parent and child age, they will experience many changes in their caregiving needs, health, and resources, and there may be concerns over how ongoing care will be handled.

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The Importance of Oral Health for Overall Health

Oral health is directly related to the overall health of individuals but can be particularly impactful in older adults. Practicing good oral hygiene and getting routine oral care helps reduce the risk of infections and their complications. It can also help prevent problems like tooth decay, toothaches, and loss of teeth. Healthy teeth and gums also make it easier for seniors to eat and enjoy their food.

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Pursuing Painting

Growing older does not mean we should stop learning. In fact, our senior years provide an ideal opportunity to discover hidden talents or abilities.

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Why Having a Power of Attorney is Important for Seniors

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives an individual the ability to act on behalf of another. It allows a senior to choose who will act in their place should they be no longer able to make decisions for themselves. This would allow you the ability to do things like discuss and direct healthcare decisions, pay bills, or speak in court on their behalf, depending on the specifics of their documents. No one expects emergencies to happen, but it’s important to make considerations before it’s too late.

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