Ron and Linda’s 88-year-old father, James, lived in a retirement community and was in decent health until he fell at home and broke his leg in two places. He was in the hospital but would soon be discharged. James was insistent he’d be fine returning home. After all, up until this injury he’d still been living independently, still driving himself to the store and to his medical appointments.

Unfortunately, James contracted pneumonia, extending his stay in the hospital. He recovered from the bout with pneumonia but became sick again when he was transferred briefly to a rehabilitation nursing facility. At his advanced age, ‘bouncing back’ from the fracture and pneumonia was difficult. When the cast on his leg was removed, James was very weak and found it tough to get around. Nearly two months of inactivity and his illnesses had taken a severe toll on his mental and physical health. He spent an extended time in the rehabilitation nursing facility to regain his strength and participate in physical therapy. Despite the extended care, he remained weak.

The doctors told Ron and Linda that it wasn’t safe for their father to live by himself, and this news sent them into a tailspin. They both resided out of state and had no idea what to do. The social worker at the rehab facility recommended that they contact us at Infinity Care Management.

“We didn’t realize things could change so quickly with Dad’s health,” Ron told me. “He still wants to stay at home but how would that be possible?”

Keeping seniors safe at home is a matter of thoughtful review and planning. We met with James and his adult children at his home to assess his needs and the living environment to determine options. We recommended a home care agency for in-home services to help James with activities of daily living, and we arranged to make his environment safer by removing the barriers to physical mobility in his house and installing grab bars. Ron and Linda hired us to visit James on a weekly basis to monitor how things were going.

So far, James is doing well and is slowly recovering his strength. But we also know that things can change in a heartbeat. We’re working with the family to prepare for long-term care if/when James can no longer manage at home.

Are you a family member concerned with keeping an older adult safe at home? Call us. You don’t have to do this alone! We’ll do a comprehensive assessment of the person’s situation, make recommendations for the services needed, monitor the care plan, and make adjustments as needed.

If you or someone in your family are facing aging challenges, please give us a call at 877-337-0922 or email us at”. We’ll be happy to assist!